Multi-Service Programs for Persons with Special Needs

We are a non-profit charitable organization providing support and services to people with physical

and developmental disabilities and their families.

Our Mission

The Hellenic Hope Center is dedicated to providing support and services to people with 

physical and developmental disabilities and their families. 

We aspire to improve the quality of their lives and to ensure that people with special needs 

are treated with the respect and dignity to which every person is entitled. 

Our History

The idea for our organization was conceived in February 1999 when several mothers, of Hellenic descent with children with special needs, met to discuss the need for a support mechanism for themselves, their children and their families. 

Many other families also welcomed this idea and proceeded to formalize our organization. In June 2000, our organization was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Members meet regularly to assess programs and service

We are happy to announce our 

Hellenic Hope Gala

May 6th , 2023

Once again it is our pleasure to host the 

Hellenic Hope Center's Annual Gala. 

We would love to see you and your friends at the event. 

For tickets contact Georgia Pappas at: 

416-850-4673 or Email: info@hellenichope.com

Donations play a very important role at the Hellenic Hope Center. We rely on them for the operation and expansion of our facilities and our programs. 


Upcoming Events

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